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Natalya and Kaitlyn’s social media stand-off
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From WWE.com:

On the Aug. 20 episode of Raw, Kaitlyn shockingly won a Divas Battle Royal to become the No. 1 contender to the Divas Championship. Obviously upset with that unexpected result, former Divas champion and No. 1 contender Natalya (@NatbyNature) took to Twitter to air her grievances with Kaitlyn (@KaitlynWWE), while also bringing up Divas Champion Layla (@mslayel) and SmackDown General Manager Booker T’s assistant, Eve (@EveMarieTorres).

@NatbyNature spat the following at Kaitlyn, igniting a war of words between the two:

I’m not happy for @KaitlynWWE – she didn’t deserve to win tonight. It was a complete fluke. Everyone, ESP @EveMarieTorres knows this!
@mslayel why would you be congratulating @KaitlynWWE ? She shouldn’t have won tonight. FLUKE! Stop trying to be Mary Poppins.

@KaitlynWWE fired back at Natalya:

@NatbyNature who are you to say what I deserve?? You and Eve deserve each other. Misery loves company.
@NatbyNature everything happens for a reason, Nat! Kind of like when you got eliminated by Fox. #burn
your boots need febreeze @NatbyNature lace them up yourself and stop crying. You’re prettier when you smile.

@NatbyNature demanded respect, citing her heritage as part of the legendary Hart family:

“@KaitlynWWE: Your boots need some air freshener, my friend. @natbynature.” Very funny… They’re stomping boots…

Nice commentary @KaitlynWWE … I’m far from jealous. And yes, my colors are pink and black. Do you know who I am or @BretHart is?#respect

@KaitlynWWE continued to poke fun at her budding rival and turned to the champion for support:

Uh yes.I know…You seem to mention it every time you get the chance. You’re about to find out who I am and who I will become @NatbyNature

Nice Match @mslayel ! @NatbyNature is a little full of herself, don’t you think?

The back and forth salvos have continued in recent days with jabs being thrown at everything from action figures to fanny packs to Zubaz pants. Not satisfied with only battling via Twitter, Kaitlyn took to Tout to share her feelings about Natalya’s issues with food odor. Not to be outdone, “The Queen of Harts” Touted a retort to Kaitlyn’s incendiary comments.

Surprisingly, Eve Torres has yet to weigh in on the conflict. After Eve’s unusually sportsmanlike actions on last week’s SmackDown, the WWE Universe must be wondering what’s gotten into the multi-talented Diva. And Layla’s only comments on the matter were congratulating Kaitlyn for her big win:

Wanna send a huge Congratulations to @kaitlynwwe Yes it was a shocker but well deserved #number1contender #divas title #time2get2biz

It appears that Eve and Layla are sidestepping the issue as the insults, taunts and threats increase between Kaitlyn and Natalya. Will the conflict between the two continue to be played out via social media? Or will this increasingly personal rivalry spill over into the ring?

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